19 March 2021

As basketball coach Phil Jackson once said, "The strength of the team is each individual member...

2:00 Min

... The strength of each member is the team." Jackson won 11 NBA championships and coached the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. So what makes a good team great? Experts weigh in on essential team members to work together.

A Strong Head

Just as the brain drives the body's movements, this team member guides the group’s actions. Often a "commander" type, their  function is to champion strategy, make tough decisions, and keep motivated. They have excellent execution and communication skills but can be overly assertive.

An Inspirational Voice

Voices energise others through their natural magnetism. They are optimistic visionaries and see beyond an organisation's objectives. Their function is to inspire collaboration and innovation to achieve the team's goals, balancing the Head's top-down approach. Too much optimism can be overbearing for some, and decision-making processes may overlook critical details, needing a more pessimistic eye for balance.

A Keen Eye

This team member is equipped with analytical and technical expertise. Often detail-oriented, the Eye's function is to identify the best solutions and ensure quality executions. The Eye can fall into tunnel vision situations, slowing down the team’s progress. Thus, requiring encouragement from the Heart.

A Beating Heart

This personality binds the group together by fostering a sense of community, team solidarity, and leads with empathy. They are calm in turbulent times and take a people-first approach in every decision. The Heart may choose to protect someone's feelings over appropriate discipline, giving room for the Head, Voice, and Eye to shine.