31 March 2021

Massimo Gurnari an artist to discover among paintings and tattoos

2:00 Min

From two comfortable stools, our presenter Annie Mazzola brings us to the discover the art of tattooing with Massimo Gurnari, the sixth guest of "buddies", the buddybank web series where, with Except and the direction of Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, we continue to tell the stories of those who have transformed their passion, or talent, into a real job.


Walls, paintings and tattoos are just some of the expressive means used by Massimo to communicate his art. The language he uses (especially for tattoos) is inspired by historical and iconographic past images from 16th-century engravings, reinterpreting them in a contemporary context with its own distinctive trait.


Looking back to such a distant past makes our guest’s main buddies icons who continue to live and, for this very reason, a timeless source of inspiration.


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To watch the full episode (in Italian only) go to buddybank's YouTube channel