24 March 2021

Discovering the world of fitness with one of Italy's most popular personal trainers: Sara Compagni.

2:00 Min

Weeks go by quickly and buddybank continues to keep us company with buddies, the webseries created by Except and directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, which explores the world of creative industries professionals. Our host Annie Mazzola helps us understand what turns amateurism into professionalism and which mentors (or "buddies") have contributed to our guests' success.


The fifth episode featured Sara Compagni, who has made a virtue out of the pandemic situation by strengthening her project: Postura da Paura. A professional personal trainer who due to lockdowns and intermittent closures, reinvented her work thanks to social networks and home spaces by creating video tutorials on workouts focused on biomechanics of the human body, soon becoming one of the most loved personal trainers online and in Italy.


During a squat lesson, Annie Mazzola discovered Sara's world and how she became popular thanks to sharing insights on her everyday life. Given her work was born at home, that is where we found her buddies: her family members.


Want to know more? Watch an abstract from the fifth episode of buddies

To watch the full episode (in Italian only) go to buddybank's YouTube channel