31 March 2021

Easter is almost here. Whether you’re an experienced artist or aspiring amateur, gather your art supplies and

2:00 Min

...get ready to take your Easter egg designs to the next level!

Start with colour

You don’t need to purchase fancy (and pricey) dyeing kits – everything you need to create your own dye you’ll find in the average kitchen pantry. You’ll need vinegar, food colouring, bowls, spoons and, of course, eggs. Gather all the ingredients and set up a workstation, follow this five-step tutorial to give your eggs a wash of blue, red, pink, or any other hue of your choosing. For extra pattern try adding shaving cream for a swirling and marbling effect.

Try DIY clip-arts

To give your designs a professional twist, check out these gorgeous printable templates. Download the patterns, print them out on A4 paper and then cut out the illustrations using household scissors and glue them onto the egg. Trace and fill in the designs using your favourite colours or DIY dyes for a stencilling effect. You can also decorate the eggs using stickers by printing these templates onto double-sided adhesive paper.

Get creative

Unleash your inner artist by adding confetti, glitter, gold foil, ribbons, pressed flowers, dried leaves, or anything else you find in your home. You could use popsicle sticks to make bunny ears for your eggs or draw face and body features with a permanent marker to create Easter emoji characters. Browse here for more creative egg-spiration for all ages!