12 March 2021

Committing to a consistent set of sleep, work, exercise, and waking hours...

2:00 Min

...helps regulate our internal bodily functions for better health. Here are three ways to reset your daily schedule to re-align with your wellness goals.

Consistent sleep

Dr Mike Dow, author of The Brain Fog Fix, suggests to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Repetition helps develop stable and predictable sleep cycles, delivering better quality and more restful slumber. Minimising blue light exposure, stretching before bedtime, and upgrading your sleeping arrangements - think comfortable mattresses and plush pillows – will help if you are struggling to follow a healthy sleep pattern. Follow our five tips to help you fall asleep better – and faster – tonight!

Hydration habits

Try drinking a glass of water before your morning coffee or sip on fruit-infused water. Drinking plenty of water each day boosts sleep quality, cognition, and mood. Staying hydrated maintains elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Learn how much water you should drink a day here, along with nutrition facts about beverages such as coffee or tea, and how they affect your energy levels throughout the day.

A workout plan

Include dedicated workout sessions into your schedule. Experts recommend starting with a 10-minutes of stretching, slowly working up to higher intensity, more advanced training. Try this Monday - Sunday workout routine for a perfectly balanced fitness schedule. Or discover more workout tips on our "Stay Safe, Stay Fit" article here.