10 March 2021

A recent study identified 20 organisations that achieved successful, radical transformations over the last decade

2:00 Min

including Netflix, Adobe, and Amazon, finding one common thread that fuelled their success: the ability to infuse a higher purpose into their company’s culture. Here are three actions we can take today to drive sustainable corporate purpose.

Let the Head, Heart and Hand guide you

Embrace today’s challenges by envisioning the future (head), inspiring others (heart), and executing with agility (hand) by taking a people-first approach. An organisation’s advantage lies in its workforce, and successful transformations depend on “having the talent to innovate creative solutions and an engaged workforce to carry them out”, according to a new study by the Boston Consulting Group. Discover how to infuse corporate strategy with people-driven solutions here.

Anchor in leadership example

Without management buy-in, corporate purpose remains a floating narrative. Authentic purpose is less of a branding exercise and more reflective of values and beliefs. When leaders use organisational purpose as a compass for daily decision-making, they bring it to life and inspire a trickle-down effect. Discover our five E’s for a purpose-led leadership here.

Bring purpose to your customer journeys

Successful transformations are built on placing organisational purpose front and centre when interacting with your customers. “Purpose is not an add-on. It has to be a core part of your business model and your long-term strategy”, said Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO. Find out how UniCredit supports innovative finance solutions as part of Our purpose-driven commitment to achieve a sustainable financial future.