24 March 2021

Raising a child can be both rewarding and stressful, even under normal circumstances...

2:00 Min

...While there is no one right path for the modern parent, behavioural experts agree on three core principles that help our children face today’s challenges.


Get the basics right

Sleep, food and discipline make up the fundamentals of any child’s healthy development. Lisa Damour, a psychologist specialising in teenage development, suggests instilling regular bedtime routines and consistent eating patterns to help mitigate future behavioural problems – especially during the often turbulent adolescent years.


Taking a patient and kind approach is useful when it comes to disciplining bad behaviour as research shows that giving rewards outweighs the benefits of harsh punishment. Psychologist Amy Morin explains, “Like adults, kids who receive positive reinforcement for their good work are motivated to keep working hard.”

Set screen-time rules

Children today are heavily reliant on technology for entertainment, education and social engagement. However, excessive use of digital media can hinder their cognitive and emotional development. Experts recommend that parents establish healthy boundaries in the early stages of their children’s lives. This includes setting daily time limits and monitoring internet usage to protect them against cyber dangers. Discover our five tips on how to safely introduce your kids to the on-line world.

Nurture their EQ

Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, encourages parents to teach their children how to deal with feelings – to recognise them, understand their causes, and explore ways to process them. Research suggests that a child’s emotional intelligence or “EQ” can be a success predictor for a better quality of life. One study found that children with high EQ rates got better grades and had greater attention spans in class. For more expert guidance on modern parenting, learn here.