25 March 2021

Easter traditions, both religious and otherwise, have been handed down from one generation to the next...

2:00 Min

...No matter where you are in the world welcome Easter 2021 by discovering these three cherished European traditions.

GERMANY: Ostereierbaum

Families decorate miniature trees or bare bushes with hand-painted eggs, colourful garlands and ornate ribbons. The most famous Ostereierbaum (Easter egg tree) is in the German town of Saalfeld, in the garden of Volker and Christa Kraft. Each year, since 1965, the Kraft family has adorned their apple tree with more than 10,000 festive ornaments. They spend up to two weeks decorating their tree adding around 700 new ornaments annually. To decorate your own Ostereierbaum, browse these 15 DIY ideas.

ITALY: Scoppio del Carro

In Florence this religious holiday is commemorated with traditions that date back to the First Crusade. On Easter Sunday, a pair of white oxen pull a 17th-century cart filled with fireworks to the cathedral square. Soldiers, musicians and performers dressed in medieval attire escort the carriage along the way. At the end of the procession, the Archbishop lights up the fireworks cart, setting off a spectacular show. The "Explosion of the Cart" is believed to bring good luck and a plentiful harvest for the coming year.

FRANCE: Giant Omelette Festival

Every year in the town of Bessières the Giant Omelette Brotherhood gather on Easter Sunday to cook a 15,000-egg omelette. The tradition is said to have begun with Napoleon Bonaparte during his military expedition through the area. Napoleon found the omelette so delicious that he asked the townspeople to feed his entire army. Today, the giant omelette festival is also celebrated in Belgium, Argentina, and the US.