3 Tips to Plan for Summer Travel in 2021

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Tuesday 29 June 2021

Many of us are contemplating vacation plans with a “let’s wait and see” outlook as summer approaches. Here’s what we know today to help you plan for the months ahead.

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Domestic destinations will still be a hit

Even with vaccination rollouts, travellers remain understandably cautious. “With some travellers looking to minimise the number of tourists they come into contact with,” says industry expert Brian Young, “we anticipate an increase in demand for local and smaller accommodation options”. Nearby and local experiences such as staying at a traditional agriturismo in Italy or Croatia or sleeping aboard a catamaran on a sailing trip are sought-after alternatives. Check out Europe’s five unmissable road trips for an unforgettable summer.

Social-distance-friendly vacations will rise

From outdoor camping trips to mountain hiking trails, airliners and travel agencies are extending their offerings to include open-air destinations and adventures. “We are seeing strong demand for all types of wilderness travel,” says tourism expert Zina Bencheikh, “as people want to spend more time outdoors”. Vacationers look to online and word-of-mouth reviews for destinations that take health and safety measures seriously. “Restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions that get COVID-19 precautions right will see it reflected in visitor numbers,” advises Pablo Caspers, Chief Travel Officer of eDreams. Check out these guidance and tips for mitigating risks during hotel stays offered by an infectious disease expert.

Understand the local restrictions

If you do opt for international air travel, it is essential to know the protocols mandated by each destination. This includes the type of COVID-19 test required, pre-boarding health control forms, safety procedures at airports, and others. According to the European Commission, here’s everything you need to know before packing for your 2021 getaway.