19 January 2021

From the "Best of" contributions of Italian colleagues, now it's your turn!

2:00 Min

The contest in which we asked Italian colleagues to be inspired by the UniCredit per l’Italia spot, shot by the maestro Ferzan Özpetek, to tell us what they see from the windows of their homes has come to an end.

We have chosen some of these contributions from the many we received and edited them into this short video.

Taking our cue from the film "La finestra di fronte", one of the director's masterpieces, which inspired the campaign, now it's your turn!

Share what you see from your window: send us your contribution, in the form of a photograph, story, drawing, ... by writing to onebank@unicredit.eu

The most significant ones will become the story of the world as seen through the eyes of all colleagues.

Please download the disclaimer, fill it in and attach it to the contribution you are sending.