12 January 2021

Here are some tips to get 2021 off to a great so you can get back on track and achieve long-term career objectives

2:00 Min

1. The power of small wins

Visualise your primary goal, then break it down into actionable and incremental stages. If your objective is a promotion, take more leadership roles in projects, seek out mentorship, or add a new skill to your CV. As you move towards your target, keep a journal to record successes and failures. Small steps yield big results!

2. Refuel your network

The usual industry summits or “meet & greet” days of professional networking are on pause indefinitely. Try a different strategy to grow your network, including diligently searching virtual events that may add value to your circle. Alumni or specialised associations can be a good starting-point: don’t be hesitant to reach out and ask other professionals questions and be proactive in building new relationships.

3. Stick to your boundaries

When work and family are under the same roof, boundaries are a necessity to protect you and your dear ones’ wellbeing. Define simple rules of engagement when it comes to work-life balance. At home, remember to be present in the moment: close the laptop when it’s “kids time” and put down the phone at the dinner table. A balanced approach will keep burnouts at bay and help you victoriously navigate through 2021 with the right mindset!