19 January 2021

Research shows that companies committed to transform their shared practices and values are five times more likely to achieve a breakthrough performance. Here are three key imperatives in fostering a healthy digital culture

2:00 Min

1. Be bold

Exceptional times call for extraordinary measures – and current developments are no exception. In fact, data shows that organisations which adopt bold strategies in response to digital disruption on average achieve significantly higher payoffs. So, to thrive in the digital era, companies should build a culture that encourages to think out of the box, and drives people to take risks, fail fast and learn faster. Afterall, innovation never sprung from hesitation.

2. Keep experimenting

In this fast-changing world, companies can’t afford to wait for the perfect product or idea. If they want to be at the forefront of innovation, they must engage in a continuous stream of business experiments to identify what works and what doesn’t, and re-adjust their strategy accordingly. To support this need for speed and flexibility, organisational culture should embrace agility and promote iteration over perfection.

3. Think big

A common feature of successful digital projects is an obsession about scaling up from day one. Just finding a sweet spot in the market, in fact, is often not enough to thrive. The real challenge for companies is to replicate their results throughout the whole enterprise, at a very large scale. For this reason, digital teams should break the barriers of silo mentality and foster transparent goal-setting, information sharing and collaboration across functions.