16 January 2021

To ensure continuity in teaching and learning during the pandemic, schools and universities had to respond quickly. Here are three education trends that could continue in the post-Covid era

2:00 Min

1. Building digital learning ecosystems

Lockdown and social distancing rules have meant that face-to-face lectures have been replaced by online solutions. According to experts, universities will actually need to accelerate their digital transformation to remain relevant in the long term -building a more robust infrastructure, expanding their online content catalogues, and helping faculty acclimatise to the new normal.

2. One size doesn’t fit all

The online shift has pushed schools to be more flexible and students to be more independent. The post-pandemic world will see a higher demand for adaptive learning opportunities and resources. Education curricula and teaching methods are expected to become increasingly more tailored to each student’s individual needs, opening a chance for them to set their own pace and progress in the fields where they excel.

3. Growing family-school connections

The surge in home schooling revealed how unprepared some parents were to teach their children. Many institutions took it upon themselves to guide and instruct families to meet the challenge. This collaboration is likely to strengthen in the future, as hybrid models are expected to be part of our new normal. Here are some suggestions for current and future parents on how to build a solid family-school relationship.