12 January 2021

UniCredit colleagues were inspired by our CEO’s Christmas poem

2:00 Min

In December, Jean Pierre delivered an end-of-year message with a difference: a short poem  thanking his UniCredit colleagues for their fantastic efforts and commitment in 2020.

But Jean Pierre isn’t the only one who has a way with words. Gordana Tunic from UniCredit Russia submitted the following lines:

Happy New Year to all of us! Plenty of wishes and dreams is thus. But we do need patience and trust to meet without fear and fuss.

"Forward" really I would press gladly, but that is not possible, sadly. Life is not a film already seen, that is the charm with it, I mean. I can only give myself, to do what I know best - that is to love with my heart all and share happiness all the more.

Monika Ďuríková, who is responsible for enforcing debts at UniCredit Leasing in Slovakia, has written what may be the only poem in history on the subject of the new definition of default!

It’s too long to publish in full but opens with “Something strange, is creeping in the city. We are trying to resist, every day. Again and again” and goes on to read “Check vital signs...DPD? Use NPV-test.. Onbalance at HUB level confirmed...” If any of Monika’s UniCredit colleagues want a copy of the full poem, please email us at onebank@unicreditgroup.eu

Magdalena Štemberová penned a short poem in Czech which included the words: “We wish you love and peace, Covid won't take it from us. We know that by the year twenty-twenty, we never want to go back. Next year we want to wish life to enjoy.” This is a sentiment we can all agree with.

Tonino Valeriani from Bari wrote a lovely poem in Italian which we’ve included in full at the bottom of this article. It includes the lines: “Whether you are alone, or live with your family. White at home, give yourself a hug. Fill in those gaps that the evening left you. Light candles in the room. As simple as it is, this is the message of love. Simple, and anyone who answers is a friend.”


Luci di stelle, su strade deserte Luci e lampioni, senza ombre riflesse Luci di insegne, richiami di nulla Luci delle cucine, oblò di famiglie riunite

Tutto tace, nessuno vicino a nessuno Nessun cuore che batte, nei giorni d’amore Nessun passo affrettato, voglia di casa Nessuno in ritardo, a mancare un incontro

Tutto tace, nessuno vicino a nessuno Nascosti dai muri, difensori da paure Nascoste le parole, sempre le stesse Nascoste le gioie, che non trovano spazi

Ma dentro chiunque, il miracolo cresce Basta una solo scintilla infantile Accendile tutte, le luci di casa Apri finestre, persiane e balconi

Si illumini l’albero ed ogni terrazzo Fai suonare quel pezzo che ami da sempre Che tu sia solo, o viva in famiglia Dietro ad un vetro, stringete le braccia

Riempite quei vuoti che vi lascia la sera E dietro quei vetri, accendete candele Come semplice, è il messaggio d’amore Semplice, è complice chiunque risponda

E come a ogni cosa, poi dategli un nome Un nome qualsiasi, con un gesto d’amore Ed io che non sono, davvero da meno Pensando a un ricordo Per quello che vale, Lo chiamo Natale.