04 January 2021

Whether you’re focusing on personal growth, health and fitness goals, or simply starting a new hobby, we’ve got six ideas – and a handy tip = to nudge you in the right direction for 2021

2:00 Min

1. Explore new hobbies

Try broadening your kitchen skills by cooking a new dish from another part of the world. Maybe it’s time to bring the salon home and learn how to cut and colour your own hair. With so much time spent indoors, why not redesign your bedroom by repurposing old furniture or adding a new accent wall for more charm. Perhaps it’s time to start a new course online to widen your horizons.

2. Invest in self-care

The year 2020 taught us the value and importance of self-care. Welcoming a new year means taking lessons and turning them into actions to protect our future selves. For 2021, make the promise to set aside more time for yourself to mentally, physically, and emotionally recharge. Whether this means spending less time on social media or making more “me” time, setting goals that improve your wellbeing are rewarding for a healthier and happier you.

3. Take more walks

With remote working and more time spent on our screens, make the commitment to relieve your mind from the constant stress and pressure of a connected life. Take 15 or 20 minutes each dayto walk around your neighbourhood, take in your surroundings, and let your mind unwind.

4. Aim for less clutter

More time at home means more opportunities for a messy house. Try to keep your home organised and tidy. Learn from the decluttering guru herself, Marie Kondo, on how to use a minimal-inspired approach to achieve and maintain the ideal home.

5. Stay up to date about current events

With so much fake news in circulation, make the commitment to organise your news in a way that is easily digestible for a less hectic and stress-free morning routine.

6. Get passionate about something

Today’s world is filled with topics that need attention. Join a campaign or movement you are passionate about. Whether it’s children’s safety, sustainability, or LGBTQ+ rights, educate yourself, stand up for something you believe in, and help inform others around you.

REMEMBER - Try to do one thing at a time


Mindfulness expert Pedram Shojai claims that "If your focus is fragmented, you'll likely find yourself getting anxious as new items come up when old ones are still incomplete." Instead, he suggests organizing your activities into chunks of time, such as “kid time” and “cooking time” for better output.