27 January 2021

A clean home is a happy home. Cluttered spaces can cause stress and tension, so consider a better organisation of your living environment to bring greater well-being and harmony into your house. Here are some easy and practical tips to help you tidy up.

2:00 Min

1. Rethink Storage

Organisation experts claim that homeowners fail to truly optimise existing storage. Making the most of your space has more benefits than you can initially imagine. The best way to get rid of the stuff you don’t need by applying a very simple rule: love it, use it, or lose it. Then, follow these tips and tricks to gain extra room – our favourite tricks are grouping items together, smart-labelling them and taking advantage of higher ceilings.

2. Repurpose Household Items

Buying fancy boxes or investing in new pieces of furniture can certainly be good ways to acquire space. But you would be surprised at how many household items can serve the same purpose equally as well. Store-bought items such as tin cans or glass jars can be transformed into solutions to provide a home for your favourite knick-knacks.

3. Hanging Hacks

Storage normally means keeping things hidden. However, hanging certain items in display lets you use storage space you didn't even know you had. It can also turn out to be a nice design feature that adds character to your place. Check these simple hanging ideas for inspiration – we love the DIY dowel shelving for shoes and the functional pegboard for kitchen utensils!