17 February 2021

Investing your money is a reliable method to build wealth over time. Here are three tips to get started.

2:00 Min

Open a retirement plan

Setting up a retirement fund great first step in financial investment. The objective is to have a worry-free retirement by setting aside a percentage of your income into the employer plan. The contribution can start small, such as 1 to 2 per cent of your salary, and gradually increase over time as you get older. To develop a secure plan, experts suggest mapping out your retirement age calculating your spending needs, assessing return rates and risks, and keeping track of your estate planning.

Try robo-advisors

Today’s digital ‘robo-advisors’ provide investment opportunities at a low cost with low minimum requirements, offering automated and algorithm-driven services to guide investors in their decision-making. When considering a robo-advisor, evaluate the type of account (i.e. for your retirement or emergencies), minimum investment requirements (most services offer a €500 minimum start or less), portfolio recommendations (your risk tolerance and financial goals), investment selections, and your accrued management fees.

Perform a self-assessment

Reflect on the amount of effort you are willing to put in to manage your expectations and improve your financial future. Knowledge of how to grow your net worth comes with time, experience, and commitment. Investing means far more than retirement plans and mutual funds. Everything from market trends and economic growth to risk management and fiscal policy can affect investment outcomes.