02 February 2021

Government lockdowns, particularly during winter, can often feel bleak. Here are three ways to keep your spirits high during these challenging times.

2:00 Min
  1. 1

    Stop overthinking problems

    Dwelling on problems cultivates negative thoughts and builds anxiety levels. "If you've been worrying about a problem for 30 minutes or more without coming up with a plan of action... it's time to stop," says Jennifer Wild, Professor of Psychology at Oxford University. Shift from worrying to problem solving and ask yourself what you can do today to alleviate the issues.


  1. 2

    Start looking for solutions

    It’s okay to talk about problems. As a matter of fact, it’s healthy – in the right way. This means venting to someone we trust and coupling it with ideas to solve that problem. This moves us forward by engendering positive feelings and purpose.


  1. 3

    Get moving

    "Our minds and bodies are completely inseparable," states Dr. Brendon Stubbs, leading physiotherapist at King's College London. Physical exercise is more challenging during the winter, and the cold and gloom threaten our immune systems. By keeping our bodies active and moving, we release endorphins into the bloodstream, inducing a feeling of well-being. Here are practical tips on how to safely exercise when it’s cold outside.