25 February 2021

Society is rapidly adapting to the new world brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. This transformation is also reflected in the way Italians travel

2:00 Min

The Nomisma-UniCredit Tourism Observatory has traced the profile of the new Italian traveller in 5 steps:

1. Rediscovering surroundings

Summer 2020 led Italians to organise trips within the country and rediscover Italy. Italians spent their holidays in locations far from mainstream tourist destinations in small villages and locations surrounded by nature. Last year was characterised by a greater connection with the landscape – both physical and cultural -  of destinations.

2. “Living a place”

Getting to know a place, experiencing it, and immersing in its culture becomes self-care for travellers, restoring body and mind. Traveling helps leave behind hectic everyday life, rediscovering nature while maintaining activity, such as hikes and bike rides. Travellers are also fond of holidays to discover local cuisine and produce, and visits to farms and vineyards are increasingly popular with Italian travellers.

3. Generating community and becoming ambassadors

The search for experiences, the desire to get to know and create a bond with places has pushed travellers to become ambassadors for tourism destinations, generating a community that they promote upon returning to their everyday life.

4. Staying connected

The search for nature and traditions does not necessarily translate into disconnection. The health emergency has accelerated the digital literacy of Italians, who have not stopped using technology on holiday. Technology simplifies booking and check-ins maintains communities, but is also support for those who have to work on holidays.

5. Choosing a tailor-made trip

New travellers want to live the destination through experiences built for them and their needs. The new normal of travel will be characterised by personalised tourism that can capture the needs of all travellers. From the room decor to daytrips in the area, from food to communication channels, personalisation will ensure that travellers know the territory, generate a community and become ambassadors.