19 February 2021

We’re asking UniCredit employees to share what Do the Right Thing! means to them and to prove it with a picture.

2:00 Min

At UniCredit, we share two important values – Ethics and Respect – and one simple guiding principle that ensures we live these values every day: Do the Right Thing!


We want to know how you live these values and Do the Right Thing! in your daily life.


And we want you to prove it by sending us your photos and stories. It could be volunteering in your local community, supporting elderly relatives or making an extra effort to help colleagues or clients at work. We know many of you are still in lockdown so bonus points for finding ways to Do the Right Thing! from your home.


We’ll publish the best submissions on One UniCredit over the coming weeks.


Email us at onebank@unicreditgroup.eu, adding your name, surname and country.


If you are sending us a photograph of a person, please ask them to complete our UniCredit Release Form. You can download a copy from this link.