17 February 2021

Discover the lives of eight special guests and their success stories with buddybank.

2:00 Min

buddies is a new weekly series produced by buddybank and created by Except, a leading Italian production company, directed by Pepsy Romanoff. In the episodes, buddies tells the stories of eight creative industries professionals who have achieved excellence. “Ordinary" people with a strong tenacity, creativity and courage who have turned their passion into a profession, using digital and social media as a means of self-promotion.


Annie Mazzola, renowned Italian radio and TV presenter, will discover the private and professional lives of each of these people with a touch of humor, providing viewers with unusual portraits.


The web series starts today, with Chiara Tagliaferri, podcaster and author, continuing with film directing, the art of tattooing, gardening, gaming and more in the coming weeks. Tune in every Wednesday on buddybank’s YouTube channel, Repubblica TV and Chili to watch the full episodes (in Italian only).


buddybank invests in activities that are not strictly commercial because it wants to act in a friendly way and support its customers, also in challenging times. buddybank provides banking and lifestyle assistance, but also takes care of its customers' free time because, just like you do with a friend, you must share positive experiences.


buddybank has always been focused on its customer base and tries to explore and understand their interests and passions to offer services that are not only banking-related but also cultural, entertainment and wellbeing driven.


Examples of this are other successful projects such as the Morgana podcast, the Niente di Strano live music events and the collaboration with Prendiamola con Filosofia and Mindwork.