16 February 2021

At-home workouts are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Heavy equipment and bulky machines are unnecessary. Instead, here are three essentials you need to exercise in a small space.

2:00 Min

1. A proper mat

Any fitness space requires a quality workout mat. If your exercises tend to be high-intensity workouts, such as interval or polymetric training, choose a jump mat, which is shock-absorbent and carries slip-resistant features. For low impact exercises, such as pilates or stretching, opt for a yoga mat with thicker padding for better joint protection and versatility on any surface. Experts also recommend mats that prevent bacteria from seeping in. Here's how to properly clean your mat after a home workout.

2. Resistance bands

Jamie Hickey, a professional trainer and founder of Truism Fitness, believes that "Resistance bands are a must in an apartment gym. They take up very little room, and are extremely versatile and cost-effective". Resistance levels go from light to heavy, giving you great flexibility from easy to more challenging exercises. According to research, the health benefits of doing just two resistance-training sessions each week can reverse cellular damage and improve cardiovascular health. Here are 55 resistance band exercises you can do from home for a full workout or to mix and match with your regular fitness routine.

3. A set of weights

To keep home workouts fun and engaging, take a break from bodyweight exercises and introduce a set of weights to improve your strength training. Whether you prefer dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells, weights are the most versatile and practical tools for any range of motion. Try 3 to 5 weight sets (or adjustable weights) to continue challenging the body from one workout to the next and to build muscle power. Here are four features to consider when purchasing weights for your home gym.