11 February 2021

From romantic greeting cards to aroma-scented candles, these three ideas do not require special crafting skills or extensive art supplies. Embrace your inner creativity to show them how much you care.

2:00 Min

DIY cards

Whether it’s for your significant other, best friend or a family member, homemade Valentine's Day cards can be a great gift for anyone in your life. Use art supplies you currently have at home, such as colourful cardstock, markers, stickers, glitter, or maybe some adhesive jewels. Take artistic inspiration from these 35 unique card designs and incorporate colourful patterns, amusing jokes, and personalised love notes. Let your DIY card be the first out of many stay-at-home Valentine's Day surprises.

Decorated candy jars or goodie bags

If you are planning on homemade cookies, cakes or treats as gifts, consider the packaging as well as what is inside. Arrange your home-baked goods in goodie jars and valentine boxes, using stickers, ribbons, paper plates, tissue boxes, or wrapping paper.

At-home spa kit with scented candles

Candles add warmth and light to make our homes feel cosy. Follow this introductory guide to candle-making to get you started, and ensure that the kids are under direct parental supervision if you choose to make them together. You could even build your own at-home spa gift basket with other homemade items, such as silk sleep masks, scented soaps, bath bombs, and shower scrubs.