All good things come to an end and Niente di Strano 3, the buddybank and TIDAL music series, has also reached its last mile with last night’s sixth live music show dedicated to indie pop music

2:00 min

The well-established live music series "Niente di Strano" by buddybank and TIDAL, hosted by Carlo Pastore, together with Except and directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, ended yesterday with the 6th episode at TeatroLaCucina in Milan. The series was once-again a great success: after Bluem, Joan Thiele and Giorgio Poi, Laila Al Habash, Rareș and Coez accompanied by Massimo Pericolo, Neffa e Frah Quintale performed the last show.


First on stage Rareș which, contrary to popular belief, is his real name: an artist who loves to experiment, setting no limits: always balancing past, present and future.


Second up was Laila Al Habash, an Italian-Palestinian artist born in 1998, who recently released her debut album “Mystic Motel” defined by critics as enveloping and sophisticated.


The evening ended with Coez, Roman rapper and singer-songwriter, who returned to the scene three years after the success of  "E' sempre bello" with the album "Volare", which perfectly sums up his artistic path and his musical soul.


Watch yesterday's 6th live show here.

To re-experience the six full episodes you can access buddybank's YouTube channel here.