Niente di Strano 3, the buddybank and TIDAL music series, has reached its penultimate and 5th live music show, this week dedicated to indie and electronic music.

2:00 min

The well-established live music series "Niente di Strano" by buddybank and TIDAL, hosted by Carlo Pastore, together with Except and directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, last night continued with the 5th and penultimate episode at TeatroLaCucina in Milan. After Nayt, bnkr44 and Iside, this time the stage lights were switched-on again with Giorgio Poi, Joan Thiele and Bluem.


First on stage was Chiara Floris, aka Bluem, a young Sardinian singer-songwriter and producer who proudly displayed both her Mediterranean origins and her international and contemporary influences in her songs. 


Second up, Joan Thiele, a singer-songwriter and producer who grew up between Cartagena and Italy, whose main objective is to share her story through music.


The evening ended with Giorgio Poi, singer-songwriter and musician, who in his album Gommapiuma, out today 3 December, showcased the most poetic version of reality.


Watch yesterday's 5th live show here.