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Thursday 08 April 2021

08 April 2021

Let’s get to know Olha Karuza and her passion for painting and art

2:00 Min

“If you like to be happy, then just do whatever you can to reach happiness”. This is my life motto, and I would like to introduce myself starting with these inspirational words. My name is Olha Karuza, and I am responsible for the internal control system, implementation of the requirements of Law 262 for HVB Subgroup, in Germany. I am happily married and a proud mother of two exceptional children. I live in Bavaria, and most importantly I am an artist. 


Since childhood, I have always had a passionate interest in painting, particularly aquarelle, acrylic and pastel. Such appeal has grown with me and has grown stronger and stronger over the years. 


Painting is both my way to deal with difficult times – just like the ones we are going through at the moment – and to take a break from work. It helps me regain inspiration, strength, and ideas to perform even better in my daily routine. Sometimes, having a healthy work-life balance is complex, especially in this period, and art is an activity that makes me feel more enthusiastic and energetic than ever. It gives me the possibility to dive into a magical world of calmness and creativity: that’s why I love it.


Art is also something I love to share because it has the power to uplift people – I feel. I truly believe that paintings and drawings are able to raise motivational levels and boost inventiveness. Therefore, over the last years, I have decided to volunteer and teach art to children: it is my personal way of spreading positivity and encouraging them to see the world in brighter colours.


Creating artworks positively influences my work at UniCredit Bank AG, as it drives me to look at problems from unconventional points of view and to uncover innovative solutions. Moreover, my colleagues are very supportive, and some of them would like to start their own artistic projects, too!


My final wish is for everyone to appreciate the little happy moments in our everyday life and to fully enjoy them. Let’s all get inspired by art!