3 skills that experts agree will be in high demand to take our organisations into the future


1:30 min

The pandemic has uncovered new leadership templates needed for a post-COVID environment. Here are three skills that experts agree will be in high demand to take our organisations into the future and be a leader in a changing world

System thinkers

The leaders of tomorrow will understand that everything in the digital age is interconnected, and the decisions and priorities they make will reflect that. System thinking is a management method that examines the links between all the different components of a business. This means looking for synergies that result from interacting elements in a complex system and identifying which interventions or shifts can make them better. To apply this approach, here are six themes to keep in mind for future challenges.

Intellectual humility

Leaders who understand their limitations and insecurities are more willing to listen to others and change their decisions based on new information. This ability to shift will build upon vital organisational features, such as agility and flexibility, which are needed to thrive in future marketplaces. Examples of intellectual humility include building mutual respect, protecting work relationships, investing in trust, and the willingness to be corrected by others. Here are three tips we can learn today from the world’s intellectually humble leaders.

Servanthood leadership


The pandemic has shown that empathy and compassion are essential tools to motivate stakeholder buy-in through a crisis. The same crucial skills are even more imminent in winning their trust throughout the rebuilding process. In the future, empathy will require more than simply understanding where people are coming from. It will require going against the hierarchical and patriarchal definitions of leadership to break down inequality barriers and outdated thinking. Here’s how to put the needs of your team first to empower them to perform at their best.