02 April 2021

In "GENITORI vs INFLUENCER" a Sky Original film, broadcast on Sky Cinema and Now, the buddybank app interacts with the main characters: Fabio Volo and Ginevra Francesconi, in a dialogue between generations in search of a new life balance, increasingly digital.

2:00 Min




buddybank, the bank for smartphones powered by UniCredit, makes its cinema debut, both as a sponsor and as a protagonist, in "Genitori vs Influencer ", a Sky Original film, which will be aired on Sky Cinema and Now from 4 April, presenting itself in its most exclusive servicebanking and lifestyle assistance via chat 24/7..:




In collaboration with Tilt Srl and Paco Cinematografica, buddybank confirms its nature through a placement operation, integrating itself perfectly into the story of the film: Simone (Ginevra Francesconi), accustomed to using a smartphone, shows Paolo (Fabio Volo), in the role of a slightly retro dad, how simple it is to chat with "buddy" to solve any problem, even late at night: "communicating with buddybank is as simple as chatting".



In fact, with the 24/7 assistance service, buddybank allows you to be autonomous in the app, but also to activate the chat with assistance and receive support, even on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, from real people. And that's not all, thanks to the buddybank love module (fee €9.90/month) you can also have a lifestyle concierge by Quintessentially to ask for anything, not just financial questions: reservations, information, advice on a gift or a recipe.


Watch the film trailer (available only In Italian) due for release on 4 April.