14 April 2021

The last episode lets us discover the world of women’s football through the eyes of Fiorentina’s forward player, Martina Piemonte.


2:00 Min

Our web series buddies, in collaboration with Except, directed by Pepsy Romanoff and Andrea Folino, has now reached its eighth and final episode. Buddies has been an incredible journey that has made us discover how today, in life, you can combine passion and work, giving space to the voices of eight characters from different worlds.


For this last meeting, our presenter Annie Mazzola decided to explore the world of women's football with a special guest: Martina Piemonte, Fiorentina’s forward player.


Since the age of fifteen Martina has worked to transform her passion into a real profession overcoming, day after day, all the stereotypes that bind this sport only and exclusively to the male universe.


Who are Martina's buddies and what will our Annie have learned about football? 

Want to know more? Watch an abstract from the eighth episode of buddies 


To watch the full episode (in Italian only) go to buddybank's YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/cUG674-oArQ