02 April 2021

Despite the current restrictions, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the Easter weekend safely with our loved ones and without ever leaving our homes. Here are three activities that will keep your kids entertained and build long-lasting memories.


2:00 Min

Go on an Easter egg hunt

You can still have fun despite strict lockdown measures, and hosting the annual Easter egg hunt inside your home can be just as good as outdoors. On the night before Easter, tuck decorated eggs in every corner of the house. Add an exciting twist by hiding one rare golden egg, which can be traded for a special prize. For more inspiration, browse these 25 creative Easter egg hunt ideas for the sweetest search yet. When the hunt is over gather around the dining table for a fun afternoon of Easter trivia


Create Easter baskets

Easter baskets filled with handcrafted goods make the perfect gift for friends and family. They come in all sizes, designs and colours, and are especially fun to decorate. Try embellishing the baskets with spring-inspired ornaments such as wildflowers, garlands and tulle, then fill them with treats like chocolate-covered eggs and home-baked cookies. If you can’t cope with the kids on a sugar overload other fillers, such as little toys, trinkets and games are also great ideas. For inspiration, browse these amazing DIY ideas!


Host an Easter brunch

As ever, sharing a special meal can lift our spirits and strengthen family bonds. If you can eat alfresco explore these fun sweet and savoury recipes for a next-level picnic. Try serving up unexpected recipes like carrot cake pancakes or ham biscuit sandwiches, and complement with refreshing spring-inspired beverages, like a mint julep or hibiscus punch. If you’re staying indoors, you could give the brunch table a makeover with Easter ornaments, such as flower arrangements or vibrant centrepieces.