02 September 2020

A happy, relaxed and enthusiastic first day of school is the perfect basis for successful work in the new school year

2:00 Min

The first day of the new school year can bring notable emotions. First-graders starting a new journey feeling excited, curious, perhaps even scared, while others are looking forward to seeing their classmates again. However, sometimes the excitement, joy and anticipation of the first school day are overshadowed by stress. The holiday routine also needs to change to a “working” one, and this change can cause problems. Fortunately, with a few preparation tips you can overcome them, or at least mitigate them.

Do not postpone shopping for school materials

When buying notebooks, bags and other school supplies, do not wait for the very last moment. Begin a few weeks before the school starts and take advantage of the various discounts. Use the benefits of different loyalty cards and buy multiple notebooks together.

Tip: Let your children write their own name on the labels or create their “logo” and mark things with it. Alternatively, order personalised name-stickers online.

Start changing your holiday rhythm in time

The holiday rhythm is relaxed, as children can stay up longer in the evening and take a long morning sleep. When school starts again, it is necessary to get up in the early morning, so it is recommended that the children slowly adapt to the “school” hours.

Tip: For the last week of holiday, children should cut their morning bedtime by a quarter or half an hour, and go to bed a little earlier.

Preparations for the first day of school

If your kid is not keen on starting school, help him/her with a positive attitude. Talk to future first-graders about the nice things the school brings, what they will learn and encourage and include them in school preparations. Spend at least one afternoon preparing your child’s home workspace – tidy the desk together, arrange drawers and sort school equipment on the shelves. In the week before school starts, visit the school’s website, find a schedule for the first day and see other interesting information about school, teachers, pupils and various school activities.

From the seaside straight to the school?

This is a very big change. If you go on holiday at the end of August and come home on the evening before the first day of school, it’s a big shock for the children. If you have the opportunity, be home at least a day or two earlier and prepare for school in peace.