25 September 2020

Learning has a crucial role to prepare and engage employees to face the new challenges, ensuring we have highly skilled people working as One Team in the new hybrid environment

2:00 Min

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated some of the key trends, which were already changing how we live, work and interact. Now we are all shaping different ways of working and how we interact with colleagues and customers.


This is why we have introduced My Learning Way, a new way of learning to provide UniCredit employees with courses, channels and resources to:

  • drive employee development in the new context
  • help fulfil potential through up- and re-skilling
  • support Managers and Executives in leading teams remotely and in presence.


The key features of the new learning approach will be:

  • personal: giving value and timing to your own learning and development
  • modular: focused on individual needs to develop key skills and specific competences
  • digital: opportunity and responsibility of organising self-learning when and where you prefer.


We encourage all of you to explore the resources already available, follow the initiatives bearing the My Learning Way logo to stay updated and we kindly ask you to recommend the most interesting courses to your colleagues!


Watch the video below to find out more.