24 September 2020

We take a closer look at some more popular myths about mobile banking

2:00 Min

In August, we busted five mobile banking myths.

We look at another five below.

1 Myth 6 – It offers no added value

UniCredit’s app in Western Europe offers customers a range of advantages, including:

  • Quick but secure access using face or fingerprint recognition
  • A rush transfer in just a few clicks
  • Send your IBAN to someone else from the app

The app also offers innovative tools such as the invoice scanner that allows you to upload invoices as documents, automatically recognising all relevant data. You can also read transfer data and QR codes with the smartphone’s camera.

2 Myth 7 – Banking on the go is too dangerous

This is something that concerns many mobile banking users, especially during the vacation season when they may be connecting to public WIFI networks that are potentially unsecure. Fortunately, security measures in UniCredit’s app in Western Europe provide double and triple protection, including login via face or fingerprint recognition. Credit cards can be blocked with just a few clicks for cash and online payments, individual continents or completely. These self-imposed blocks can be easily removed at any time.

3 Myth 8 - It's not worth the trouble!

With mobile banking you can save time AND money. First, you can keep an eye on your finances and save yourself the trouble of going to the branch or fiddling with your computer. Secondly, it enables you to make transfers quickly and easily with just a few clicks, also saving unnecessary fees.

4 Myth 9 – No-one will help me

We don’t leave our customers alone with mobile banking! If problems occur when downloading UniCredit’s mobile banking app, you can get help from your nearest branch or by phone. In addition, app tutorials, a demo version and webinars make it easier to get started. 

Using the app, you are only a few clicks away from a personal consultation thanks to the message function for making appointments.

5 Myth 10 – Mobile banking is a mystery

Mobile banking apps are being used by more and more people to conduct ever more of their personal and commercial banking. We hope our articles on mobile banking myths will help more people embrace banking on the go!