14 September 2020

Here are five green habits we can all do today to protect our planet

2:00 Min

Our lives are gradually returning to normal and economies are restarting their engines, but amidst all this, there is still cause for concern. Although government shutdowns have reduced worldwide carbon emissions by 17 percent, the amount of plastic waste has risen dramatically, thanks to increased use of plastic cups, straws, and personal protective equipment.

1 Declutter and give your stuff to others

What do you do with the stuff you no longer need or want? Does it collect dust in the corner, or is it put to good use for someone else? Living with less is not in our nature, but we must make an effort to live in a more eco-friendly way. Why not try to see what items you can sell, and spend an afternoon putting your items for sale on websites such as Etsy, eBay, Facebook marketplace or OfferUp? Selling locally could be even easier if you follow these simple steps.

2 Recycling for someone in need

In 2019, statistics revealed that, on average, we throw away 31.7 kilograms of clothing per person per year, which is equivalent to only wearing new clothes five times before discarding them. Take a peek in your closets and see if there are any old garments that could benefit someone in need. Local recycling centres or drop off bins serve as an easy and accessible way to donate. Alternatively, check if your church or local charities accept clothing donations.

3 Sustainable solutions for old toys

When a toy breaks, or when a new toy craze hits the market, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Instead of letting toys pile up unnecessarily, the sustainable solution is to give them away to other children who may need them more. Facebook marketplace offers a user-friendly platform to donate or sell your child’s pre-loved toys, while the Toy Project recycles them, raising awareness for social issues.

4 Curb single use packaging

Amazon shipped 415 million packages in July 2020 alone, topping its three-month average between April and June. With the surge in online buying, single use packaging has skyrocketed. To curb the rise in unnecessary packaging, try to purchase from retailers who are finding creative solutions for greener packaging alternatives. And as always, remember to recycle!

5 Lend a helping hand

Even with Covid-19 restrictions, there are many opportunities to volunteer. All for Good offers volunteer services from home, such as mentoring at-risk youth or writing social media articles for local charities. Volunteer Match is the largest network of non-profit organisations and makes volunteer recruiting fast and easy through location-based searches. Churches also often ask for volunteers in handing out food to the poor. Have a look at how you can make a difference in your area.