11 September 2020

The orchestra’s concerts return with a 'Concert for Italy'

2:00 Min

The long-awaited return of concert performances begins with Filarmonica della Scala’s traditional ‘Concert for Italy’ (Concerto per l’Italia) in Piazza Duomo in Milan on Sunday 13 September at 8.30pm, which is free for all to attend.

The annual event is organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and with the support of UniCredit, Filarmonica’s main partner. The event carries symbolic value for Italy and Europe, sending a message of hope and strength from a community that is bouncing back from being hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Cesare Bisoni, Chairman of UniCredit, said: “The concert in Piazza Duomo, which the Filarmonica della Scala has been staging with the support of UniCredit since 2013, has always been a great example of the shared values of UniCredit and the Filarmonica. It offers exceptional experiences capable of engaging people, generating a positive impact on society and promoting a sense of belonging which, in the particular period we are currently experiencing, is further strengthened and reinforced”.

Maurizio Beretta, Chairman of Filarmonica della Scala said: ”In recent years, the Concert for Milan has brought a wider audience closer to music and it has become a moment of cohesion and sharing for the whole community. In the same spirit, Filarmonica is back again this year in Piazza Duomo for Italy, determined to look towards the future with confidence.”

Two thousand socially distanced spectators will be able to attend the concert, which will be held in the churchyard this year in order to comply with health regulations. To obtain access to the concert, a reservation is mandatory and must be completed via the Filarmonica website, www.filarmonica.it.