13 October 2020

In an interview as part of Beyond Disability, a D&I Week event, an Italian rock band comprised of people with disabilities look at the importance of focusing on potential, solving problems and self-irony

2:00 Min

Beyond Disability, a D&I week event that looks at disability from another perspective, interviewed the band Ladri di Carrozzelle (Wheelchair Thieves) to learn more about the key to their success.


Founded in 1989 in Rome, the band consists of people with disabilities. The goal of the interview was to help colleagues to look beyond their disability to focus on the person and his or her potential.


All this raises awareness and understanding that people with disabilities, in everyday life, face and solve complex problems both at home and at work. “Off stage we are considered disabled, but when we go on stage, we are a rock band,” comments Tiziana Civitani, vocalist of the group.


The event was an opportunity to talk about disability by listening to the voice of those who live it every day, thus offering an insight and different perspective.


“Finally, a program that speaks about the aspect of normality in the daily life of a disabled person,” said Anna, an employee of UniCredit who attended the event.


“Disability is not a business card: when we meet a person, we have to spend more time getting to know them,” added Giuseppe, another UniCredit employee.


“This event has shown that anyone can achieve personal and professional goals,” said Carla, employee of UniCredit.


On Monday, thanks to the contribution of Ladri di Carrozzelle, we learned that self-irony, optimism and lightness are issues that affect everyone, even people with disabilities, and that people can do anything if they have the right tools. It is important to continue to work on inclusive culture and to make disability known in all its aspects in order to overcome prejudices and stereotypes.

Performing on stage

Ladri di Carrozzelle

Note: All photographs were taken prior to the imposition of social distancing regulations