14 October 2020

As we all adapt to new ways of working, UniCredit has updated its 'Etiquette' guidelines on how to motivate teams, both remotely and in person

2:00 Min

The past months have been turbulent and challenging at times. We have learnt a lot and adapted the way we work in many ways, especially when it comes to working remotely.


In June, we launched the first edition of our ‘Etiquette’ guide to provide practical tips on how to manage work remotely. Since then, we have further developed the guide with new content and advice based on feedback received from across Group. You can read the latest guide at this link.


Here are some practical tips to help you motivate colleagues, both remotely and in person.

1 Work-Life Balance

Preserve your team’s daily, weekly and holiday time off – being careful not to misuse or abuse digital channels.


Top tip: Try ‘Slow down Fridays’ by avoiding meetings, non-urgent emails and working overtime on Fridays.

2 Effective Communication

Fix recurrent slots for team meetings and find the most effective communication channel for your team.


Top tip: Turn your meetings into more interactive sessions by using tools such as Sli.do or WebEx and involve your team more directly.

3 Virtual Engagement

Give your team the responsibility of working on joint projects and make sure you celebrate achievements.


Top tip: Include your colleagues in creating procedures and processes.

4 Performance Management

Explain the big picture so your team are committed to delivering results.


Top tip: Try rotating working groups.

Now more than ever, it is important to work closely together and be mindful of each other’s well-being. We do so whilst never losing focus on achieving our business goals or our commitment to our clients. Together we continue to… Do the Right Thing!