29 October 2020

Take a virtual tour of UniCredit’s beautiful palace in Rome

2:00 Min

The third One.UniCredit experience we would like to share is a video tour of UniCredit’s Palazzo de Carolis in Rome. The beautiful building is home to the bank’s Institutional Relations, Legal and top management representational offices in the capital.

The majestic Palazzo de Carolis palace takes its name from the Marquis de Carolis, who had it built between 1714 and 1728 by the architect A. Specchi and is situated in the heart of the Eternal City, overlooking Via del Corso, one of Rome’s most popular streets. The building is home to a unique spiral staircase with Doric columns and a series of connecting rooms that contain an exceptionally important ”ciclo figurativo” considered vital to the history secular art in Rome.

To watch a longer version of the video (only in Italian) visit.