08 October 2020

Our new content campaign, sharing some of your best moments!

2:00 Min

To celebrate our staff’s different experiences over the past eight months, we are launching a global content campaign – One Experience. Our resilience, creativity and motivation have been severely tested, so why not share some tips on what to do and see, while of course keeping safe and respecting others.


Tell us about a fantastic book you’ve read, a film you’ve seen, or a new activity you’ve tried. Perhaps you’ve been on a day trip or on a city tour that has revealed some hidden gems you had never seen before? Or maybe you’ve experienced something that has enriched or changed your perspective on life?


Send us a short description of the experience you’d like to share and we’ll feature it here over the coming weeks. Don’t forget to add a visual element! Share your experience by writing to us at onebank@unicredit.eu

Don’t forget that if you are sending us a photograph of a person, please ensure they complete our UniCredit Release Form. You can download a copy here.

The first experience we would like to share is a video tour of UniCredit’s Headquarters in Milan. The Gae Aulenti Towers, three sustainable glass and steel buildings, were built by César Pelli, who also designed the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Did you know that Tower A is 230 metres tall, making it Italy’s tallest building?