26 October 2020

When rain, bad weather, or even a pandemic keeps us inside, cabin fever can set in fast. Here are eight things to do indoors with your family and kids of all ages. Enjoy and stay safe and dry!

2:00 Min

1 Host a movie marathon

All that is required to set up your in-home cinema is a TV, popcorn, hot cocoa, blankets, and lots of snuggles. Set up a cosy atmosphere with snacks and treats for the whole family to enjoy. If you can’t decide what to watch, check out these selections of 40 family films for every age, best ‘80s movies to watch with your kids, and 10 great films based on classic children’s books.

2 Embrace your inner Einstein

Who says science experiments are only for school? If going outside is not an option, stay indoors and try out some fun and educational experiments with minimal tools and little prep time. You could make DIY slime, decorative lava lamps, or explore other simple experiments to get your kids excited about science and learning.

3 Make your own pizza

Rainy weather calls for a home-cooked family dinner. Get everyone involved in pizza making by personalising toppings for each person. Ask the kids to help with rolling the dough and spreading out layers of cheese, tomatoes, and other fresh ingredients for a fun night in. Click here to get the best homemade pizza dough recipe.

4 Play board games

Old fashioned board games are still one of the best ways to pass rainy afternoons. Dust off the old Monopoly and Candyland boxes for some screen-free family fun. If you need inspiration, browse here for the best board game picks and get ready for some friendly (or fierce) competition.

5 Throw a tea party

As one of the most classic indoor activities for kids, hosting a tea party can be a lot of fun. Have everyone dress up in fancy attire, set the table elegantly, and come along on your best behaviour. On the menu, serve tea for adults, juice for kids, and easy tea party sandwiches in fun shapes and sizes for an amusing twist.

6 Set up camp

Camping indoors can be just as fun – minus the mud and mosquitoes. Using a little imagination, transform your children’s bedroom into a camping ground, creating a small tent by draping sheets over furniture and filling it with sleeping bags, pillows, and toys. Here are 12 more ideas for the perfect indoor camping adventure.

7 Bake and decorate cupcakes

This activity will require some forward planning, including baking and decorating materials, such as cake sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and assorted candies. Bake the cupcakes and allow them to cool down. Once cooled, add a layer of icing or buttercream, and let the decorating begin! For inspiration, browse these 30 autumn-themed cupcakes to celebrate the season.


8 Play in the rain!

Don’t let the gloomy weather force you to stay inside! Dress everyone in warm clothing, such as rain boots and raincoats, and head outdoors. Here are 50 wonderful ways to play in the rain. Have fun!