05 October 2020

Discover your digital personality with our new course on digital transformation

2:00 Min

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we behave. Thanks to the use of innovative tools and technologies our lives and habits have changed and the pandemic has accelerated many of these digital trends which were already underway.

Knowledge of the digital world is increasingly important both in our work and in private lives. Therefore, as part of My Learning Way’s initiatives, we have introduced a new “Digital Identity” training program. The course allows you to measure your knowledge through the “Digital Selfie”, a quick test that focus on three areas:


  • Digital mindset: ability to share knowledge and exploit the opportunities offered by the digital world
  • Digital transformation: knowledge of technologies and its application for business transformation, marketing, security and data protection
  • Digital citizenship: ability to research, evaluate and organise data and information on the web, interact and communicate through digital tools, create and manage digital identities using web resources for problem solving
  • Based on the result, a personalised training plan is recommended, consisting of short online training modules.


At the end of the training, participants can obtain a certification of skills acquired through three “Digital Passports”.

Access to the programme is open at the moment for Italian perimeter, and colleagues can sign up for the training course from My Learning platform by searching for it among other available courses.

How well do you know the digital world? Go to My Learning and take your Digital Selfie to find out!