11 November 2020

Video conferencing is new to a lot of us, and that means there are bound to be incidents. At least we can all laugh at ourselves! 

2:00 Min

1 The Famous BBC News Interview

The year was 2017, a BBC interview with Professor Robert Kelly of Pusan National University in South Korea, that perfectly exemplified the perils of working from home as a parent, but little did we know the 2017 clip would become even more relevant today.

2 Don’t forget to turn off the camera when you’re done

And here’s a video that went viral, in which at the end of a team-meeting, a man stands up and forgets that the video is still on (and he’s wearing just his boxers)! Just because you say goodbye doesn’t mean they can’t see you anymore. This team of DJs sure had a good laugh!

3 We all know who the real stars are...

Pets don’t seem to be quite used to having us around all the time either. This cat decided the best time to make an entrance through the window was as his owner was filming a video update for his team. Brilliant.

4 An unwanted visitor...

Creating you own background-gif, uploading it and this is the result! This guy created a Zoom background of himself accidentally walking in on himself during a Zoom meeting. Self-inflicted, but entertaining none-the-less.