26 November 2020

Mark your calendar! Holiday shopping season is around the corner as retailers prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

2:00 Min

Traditionally, retailers allow 24 hours on Black Friday for eager shoppers to take advantage of cutting-edge deals. However, both deal-days will look particularly different this year due to Covid-19. Here’s how to make the best out of Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Sales shopping in a pandemic: stay safe

This year, retailers are taking a more creative and proactive approach to make holiday shopping easier and safer. Some retailers, such as Amazon, are launching Black Friday deals for longer periods of time, from mid-October until end of November. Other smaller retailers are offering “shopping reservations” that allow customers to book a shopping time and browse products in-person safely and securely. Visit your favourite retailer’s website to find out more about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and purchasing methods.

Pros #1

Virtually all retailers will be offering discounts on consumer goods on Black Friday and consumer electronics on Cyber Monday. The best deals won’t stick around for too long, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to your favourite store’s website.

Pros #2

Online Black Friday deals mean you can compare prices in real-time against other offers. Create a list of desired items ahead of time to help you navigate the sea of sales and start planning ahead by browsing the best deals broken down by category here.

Shopping tips from the experts

Comparing prices through simple online searches will help you make the right purchase decisions. If you miss out on a deal, don’t worry. The same deals may pop up again soon. For the top holiday shopping tips, click here.

Cons #1

Previous Black Fridays meant you could touch and feel the merchandise before purchase. However, this year, the surge in online deals suggests buyers will not be able to physically check the product’s quality as much as before and returning defective or unwanted purchases could be an arduous task. Therefore, it will be even more important to plan ahead and make the right purchase on the first round.

Cons #2

As with any super sale, it is easy to deviate from the shopping list and overspend on non-essential purchases. This year’s increased focus on online deals means the risk is even higher. Before clicking on “buy”, review your online shopping cart against your original shopping list, and for each additional item ask yourself: “do I really need this?” Remember, just because it is on sale, it doesn’t mean you need it.

Something to think about…

Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman saw our global capitalist economy as a chaotic lifestyle of hectic consumerism where everything becomes disposable. This approach, known as the “liquid life,” dictates that we feel the urge to buy more stuff to fill emotional voids rather than essential needs.

Consider this cautionary advice, if you will, from those who study our consumption habits. Happy shopping!