13 November 2020

A healthy lifestyle is key to a happy, more positive outlook, especially during a global pandemic

2:00 Min

According to some studies, in high-stress situations, our nervous systems release hormones that put pressure on our body’s organs, leading to weaker immune systems, sleep deprivation,  and other chronic issues. A healthy lifestyle does not require drastic changes. We have pulled together a list of fitness routines, mindfulness exercises, eating tips, and general guidelines for you to start today, from the safety of your home.

1 Ready, set, go!

Space constraints and infinite distractions make home fitness a difficult – but not impossible – challenge.  Only five minutes of exercise is enough to relieve negative tension and increase positive energy. Successful at-home exercises begin with a workout routine that empowers you. Begin your journey with our five tips for keeping fit at home, using resources you already have.

2 Pump up the volume

Being cooped up indoors makes it easy to fall into an inactive lifestyle. If you are struggling to get started, you can dial up your mood and mindset by choosing music that provokes a positive emotional response. Crank up the tunes and discover five ways music is keeping our spirits up and get moving!

3 Boost your winter wellness

Colder weather usually brings an increase in illnesses such as the cold or flu. Amplified by pandemic-related stress levels, there is a desperate need for our bodies to stay resilient, with the help of good nutrition. Immune system-boosting foods such as colourful fruits, vegetables, ginger, and garlic, are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to boost your body’s ability to stay strong. Follow our Kitchen Karma: five ways to stay healthy for helpful eating and cooking tips to keep your immune system strong.


4 Strengthen your mental health

A Harvard article suggests that (in a normal environment) one of the most effective ways to combat depression and mental ill-health is through behaviour. This means being active and engaging in social interactions and human contact – the exact opposite of lockdown and social distancing rules. Since those activities are currently not encouraged, try our five ways to protect your mental health which includes recommendations to avoid feeling confined and isolated, whilst abiding by safety regulations. We’ve also listed five ways to be social while social distancing to keep up the positive vibes.