27 November 2020

buddybank and TIDAL bring ethereal voices and new visions to Milan’s virtual stage

2:00 Min

Niente Di Strano is a weekly livestream music project from buddybank and TIDAL.

Last night the presenter and project creator Carlo Pastore hosted the fourth evening from Alcatraz Club in Milan with performances and interviews dedicated to three young Italian emerging artists: Voodoo Kid, Ginevra and Bais.

Voodoo Kid, presented her first album ‘amor, requiem’, a manifesto on the rebirth of love. Her music and vision embody the free spirit of the generation between Millennials and Gen-Z. An international vision she has nurtured thanks to her music studies in London, that have brought her to creating a unique style made up of euphoric and intimate tales.

The second extremely talented artist to join the stage was Ginevra who captured the audience with her ethereal voice and kindness, clearly represented by her music, inspired by British artists such as Massive Attack, Portishead and James Blake.

The third artist, Bais led the audience to discover his “aquatic vision” by talking and singing about his relationship with water and with the city of Milan, to whom he has also dedicated a song entitled “Milano”.

To everyone’s surprise, the evening ended with a magic performance by Bolla, double bass player from Milan, who told the story of how he has had to reinvent himself as a pizza, hamburger and protection mask delivery guy during these challenging months due to the pandemic.

Watch the recording of last night’s session here.

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