09 November 2020

How you come across in video conferences is crucial, especially now the majority of meetings are virtual. Even if you have a good connection, there’s a good chance that your lighting, your backdrop or even your unconscious habits are making your web meetings less polished than they could be

2:00 Min

TIP 1: Adjust your Audio

Always mute your microphone when joining a meeting. It can be annoying to start talking and realise that you have to unmute, but it’s far better than the alternative. You never know what others might be able to hear! Adjust the audio of your microphone or mic level. This setting is usually enabled by default, and fine to leave on, but if you hear complaints from others that your voice is fading in or out or echoing, try adjusting it.

TIP 2: Test Wi-Fi before the call

This is the most important rule, but also the most ignored. Your connection may seem fine for Web browsing, but that task uses a lot less network bandwidth than a video call. Head to Speedtest, the go-to site for seeing how fast your computer can transfer data across the wider Internet.

TIP 3: Optimise camera position and backgrounds

Keep your webcam slightly above eye level. Weird camera angles can be very distracting – and unflattering – during video calls. Make sure you look into the camera instead of looking at yourself talking on the computer screen. It will help others on the call feel like you’re 100 percent engaged and present. Avoid a background that is too personal (dishes, dirty clothes, bed sheets), or too impersonal (an empty white wall). For UniCredit employees there are several corporate backgrounds to choose from.

TIP 4: It’s all about the light!

Make sure your room is well lit. Few things are worse than having a meeting while feeling like you’re talking to someone in a dungeon. Use natural light from windows or simply turn on the main light in the room you’re working in to brighten up the conference.

TIP 5: Wear appropriate clothing

Try to dress as if you’re meeting face to face. You never know if you’re going to have to get up suddenly or if your camera might fall, which could leave to a surprise if you’re wearing your pyjamas!