26 November 2020

During the lockdown, UniCredit Bank Austria came up with a very special service for all colleagues working remotely: "fresh@home", a healthy lunch delivered to your doorstep

2:00 Min

With the second lockdown in Austria, working from home is once again a challenge for colleagues. Work, childcare, distance learning and homework are just a few of the activities that we have to reconcile in the domestic space. What often falls by the wayside is a healthy, freshly cooked lunch for everyone.

UniCredit Bank Austria has relieved its colleagues of the need to worry about lunches. As an innovative service in cooperation with Eurest, a freshly prepared lunch will be delivered to colleagues’ homes and can be prepared in just ten minutes.

“It is very important to us that our employees are able to eat healthily with little effort, especially during the lockdown,” said Georgiana Lazar O’Callaghan, Head of Human Capital, and Tina Pogacic, COO at UniCredit Austria.

Colleagues can pre-order their fresh@home lunch using the G’scheit essen app, where menus for family members can also be ordered at a reduced price.

The service –also available as a take-away at the UniCredit Austria Campus – will remain in place after lockdown. Together, with confidence and cohesion, we will successfully overcome this challenging time!