17 November 2020

Our top picks from 'Cooking with UniCredit'

2:00 Min

Over the past year, we’ve collated some of the Group’s favourite recipes, from healthy breakfast ideas to indulgent after-dinner desserts. We have an extensive menu to satisfy every palate!

As we rediscover the top recipes, why not grab an apron, roll up your sleeves, and give them a try.

Breakfast recipes for the morning grind

Whether hot or cold, strong or milky, we can all agree that coffee is the best way to start the day. We recommend you try the Dalgona Coffee, a perfect silky blend of sweet and bitter notes to get your morning caffeine fix.

For a healthier alternative, try the kefir smoothie by Vedrana Orlović of Zagrebacka Banka. Similar to yogurt, fermented kefir is a grain-based ingredient packed with vitamin B, minerals, and probiotics.

If you have a sweet tooth, opt for a big breakfast spread with homemade crepes by Andrea Reinhard. Add a smear of marmalade or Nutella, and topped with icing sugar for an extra sweet touch.

Warm and cosy autumn recipes

As the leaves change colour and cold weather rolls in, let’s stay indoors with our favourite autumnal recipes. Pumpkin takes centre stage this year in both sweet and savoury dishes. For a lunch or dinner entrée, try our fresh pumpkin risotto and orzotto plates.

For a mid-day snack, we suggest Olga Romanova’s recipe for pumpkin pancakes to satisfy your sweet cravings.

A trip around Europe

Let’s take a food tour of our colleagues’ delicious recipes from various countries around the Group. From Bosnia and Herzegovina, we present the pita zeljanica – or spinach pie. A traditional delicacy, this dish comes in multiple forms, such as burek (chopped or minced meat pie), sirnica (cheese pie), and krompiruša (potato pie). For the ingredients list and step-by-step tutorial, click here.

Our next stop is Slovakia, featuring the cheesy halusky, or homemade dumplings mixed with a tangy, creamy sheep’s milk cheese called Bryndza, topped with fried bacon.

From Bulgaria, we recommend the banitsa by Roberto Furesi. A traditional pastry often enjoyed for breakfast, this dish is prepared by layering a mixture of eggs, yogurt, and feta cheese between filo pastry, then baking it in the oven. The result is a flaky, savoury, and delicious pie packed with flavour.

From our Italian kitchen to yours

No list would be complete without our favourite pasta recipes. We’ll start with the famous ragù alla Bolognese by Silvio Santini. Although this recipe is traditionally from Bologna, it is celebrated all over the country.

Next, we present Francesca Martone’s fusilli sempreverdi, a tasty coastal recipe with a delicate tropical touch.

Last but not least, we have Tania Viarnaud demonstrating how to make spaghetti alle vongole in 10 easy steps.


If you are a masterchef and would like to share recipes from your home kitchen, write to us here. We would love to hear from you!

We recommend Dalgona Coffee, a perfect silky blend of sweet and bitter notes to get your morning caffeine fix

Our recipe for pumpkin pancakes will satisfy your sweet cravings

No list would be complete without our favourite pasta recipes, including spaghetti alle vongole