27 May 2020

From bikes to birthdays, and close shaves to desk shares, colleagues from across UniCredit open a window into their new ways of working

2:00 Min

We asked you to share lockdown experiences and advice with your colleagues. How do you stay productive when juggling calls, kids, pets and partners? How do you stay connected with your colleagues and clients? How have you made remote work… really work? Here’s a selection from across our Group.

Email your contributions to onebank@unicreditgroup.eu or use a file transfer service like WeTransfer (but please disconnect your VPN first!)

“The distance between my home and office is 12 km. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I used to travel to work by tram. However, public transport is currently out of operation will be a high risk when starts working again. Consequently, I have decided to travel to work on a bike. This brings me multiple benefits, including health and then environmental ones. 

I invite all UniCredit people to think of changing their habits concerning transport to work. This would boost their immune system and stamina, increase their work productivity, as well as improve our environmental footprint by decreasing pollution from overusing cars in urban areas. Stay healthy and do the right thing for One UniCredit!”

“This image summarises my period of smart working with my daughter Maria Sole. From 8am to 530pm we are always together! She attends all of my meetings on Skype and often intervenes! Thanks to her, I learned how to be focused despite the songs from YouTube, the complete series of Peppa Pig, the noisy games and the fights with her older sister! And for that I am grateful!”

“It’s a short story about how lucky we are when we work with great people. First days of spring and birthday in quarantine… hmmm …But when you have amazing team members, you get a surprise birthday cake delivery! One Team even when we work remotely!”

"Skype sing-a-long" from Zaba team, Croatia