03 May 2020

Here’s a summary of recent stories on One UniCredit to help you stay happy and healthy!

2:00 min

1 Master mindfulness

Adapting to lockdown living can be stressful and have a negative impact on our personal wellbeing. Mindfulness can be a good way to reduce anxiety. Here’s a series of techniques that can us dedicate some time to ourselves, without being overwhelmed by anxiety. 

2 Breathe better

It’s very important to breathe well for good health. Luckily you can learn to do so and turn you into conscious breather!

3 Sleep soundly

For many of us this period is causing additional concerns and stress. One of the ways this can manifest is in difficulty falling asleep or by waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to go back to sleep. 

4 More motivation

It can be a challenge to stay motivated when you are working at home without a clear sign of how long the situation will continue.

5 Real resilience

The extraordinary circumstances of the Coronavirus crisis are a test for all of us. 

Check out our ten tips for Real Resilience below